“Not happy Jan!”: Yellow Pages demands iconic ad remake be pulled

The company behind Yellow Pages has called on Darrell Lea to pull a remake of its famous “Not Happy Jan” ads.

Sensis has sent the chocolate maker and TV networks a ‘cease and desist’ letter after the new ads started appearing on TV screens this week.

The “Not Happy Jan” campaign became an iconic ad in Australia, massively boosting the Yellow Pages brand.


Darrell Lea’s “No Worries Jan” ad even features the same actress as the “grumpy boss”, comedian Deborah Kennedy.

But unlike the Yellow Pages ad, the “boss” isn’t so grumpy when she finds out their ad is missing from the directory, because she has a block of Darrell Lea in her top drawer.

Now, Sensis wants them off the air immediately.

“We are flattered that Darrell Lea has used our iconic Yellow Pages advertising, featuring ‘Not Happy Jan’. However, it has been used without our consultation or approval,” said Yellow Pages’ executive general manager, James Ciuffetelli.

“To see the Yellow Pages brand, which is iconic and trusted by many Australians, and our beloved character Jan, used by another company for commercial gain is a total shock to us and our customers.

“By imitating our ad, we believe it is misleading to consumers. It’s clear on social media that a number of people believe Yellow Pages has endorsed this campaign, which is not the case.”

“It is important for advertisers and agencies to protect their work, creativity and innovation. This advert is so loved we feel we share it with the Australian people, and we believe it is right to protect this from being cheapened to sell chocolate.”

WATCH: The original Yellow Pages “Not Happy Jan” ad: