Pauline Hanson

Not Happy Pauline: One Nation slaps a ban on The Project

Pauline Hanson has stopped a Channel 10 TV crew from filming a community meeting at the Kalamia Hotel at Ayr in North Queensland.

Senator Hanson’s currently campaigning through regional Queensland ahead of the State Election on November 25.

Several reporters who have been travelling in the One Nation Leader’s “Battler Bus” were allowed into the room, but a Channel 10 journalist and cameraman were stopped from entering. 


Managing Editor of The Project, Tom Whitty, said the incident will be screened tonight.

It’s not the first time Senator Hanson has banned reporters, earlier this year she blackballed the ABC saying she’d “had a gutful of the media”.


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Do you blame Pauline? The Project is a biased show which time and time again has ridiculed Malcolm Roberts and other right-wing commentators on the show. How do i know? well i see clips that Malcolm Roberts and others post of their experience.

Malcolm Roberts ridicules himself, unfortunately he can’t do much more with the 2 brain cells that he has. The media are just reptoring what they see and hear from the imbecile.

Pauline represents basic forms of rudermentary life in the community, stupid, uneducated Caucasian Christian s***kickers.

And she’s still better than all the options

There’s a bloody Muslim on the panel of the project, of course it’s going to be biased! Good on her.