Not the NUTELLA! Ferrero changes beloved recipe and fans are NOT happy

The makers of Nutella have admitted to adjusting the recipe of their popular chocolate hazelnut spread after fans noticed a change in the colour.

The Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre alerted fans to the news on their Facebook page on Monday.

The German consumer group said the recipe now contains 8.7 per cent of powdered skim milk, in comparison to the previous 7.5 per cent.


It also noted that the sugar count has also risen from 55.9 per cent to 56.3 per cent.

Ferrero issued a statement confirming the adjustment, however said the “quality and all the other characteristics of Nutella remain the same.”

The slight change has however altered the colour of the spread, making it lighter, the German consumer group said.

Fans have understandably not taken to the news very well.

“If the rumors of #Nutella changing their recipe are true… I am done!” one person wrote.

It’s not all bad new for us here in Australia however, with a Ferrero Australia spokeswoman telling Yahoo7 that “The ingredients we use to make Nutella in Australia have not changed.”