Not so sweet! Queensland cake-makers warned of cunning scam

Queensland Police are investigating after a heartless thief scammed a cake-maker out of hard-earned cash.

It’s understood the suspect contacted the Brisbane baker on social media and ordered a personalised birthday cake.

Police say the customer requested that the cake-maker place a “substantial amount” of cash inside the cake as a surprise for when the cake is cut.


When it came to collecting the goods, the customer showed a screenshot of what appeared to be a bank transfer receipt before walking away with the personalised birthday cake.

However, it was soon discovered that the receipt was in fact fake and the payment was never made into the cake-maker’s bank account.

Investigations into the incident are continuing, however, it has prompted police to issue a timely reminder about conducting business on social media.

Officers say it’s important people always check that a payment has cleared before handing items to the other party and to always be alert, aware and vigilant of surroundings.

They’re also urging those who need to meet the other party in person to not do so at home, and to instead meet at a “sensible place and time” where you are not putting yourself at risk.

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