Notorious ex-Bikie jailed for second life sentence

A Gold Coast ex-Bikie has been sentenced to life in jail for the second time and will spend 30 years behind bars.

Lionel Patea will not be able to apply for parole until at least 2048 after admitting to killing Gold Coaster Greg Dufty in 2015.

The ex-Bikie was already serving a life sentence for killing his former partner.


Patea killed Mr Dufty after his friend orchestrated a bashing related to a drug debt.

Aaron Crawford’s was to have Mr Dufty bashed for stealing Cannabis from Crawford’s property in New South Wales.

However, he died during the beating.

Crawford then lied to Mr Dufty’s partner, telling her he’d help look for the Gold Coast father despite already knowing he was dead.

Mr Crawford was given a two-year jail term for interfering with Mr Dufty’s corpse.

He drove his friend’s lifeless body back to his property in New South Wales before burning it.