“Now’s the time to dream big”: Qld opposition backs Gold Coast’s vision

The Gold Coast Mayor is being hailed as a visionary for trying to revive the city’s tourism offerings.

Tom Tate is calling for more cash from the state government, to try and get a business case underway for a hinterland cableway which would run from Mudgeeraba to Springbrook.

He wants $10 million all up, with some money to also be spent on the Gold Coast dive facilities, which are currently in early stages of construction.


LNP Leader David Crissafulli has backed the calls this morning, saying now’s the time to dream big.

“I think it’s visionary, and I’m calling on the state to support the bid.

“We absolutely have to continue to bring new products on the market, that’s absolutely essential.

“Areas that continue to reinvent themselves, they’re the ones that do the best in tourism offering. and that’s what I want to see for the coast.

“The Gold Coast is the premier tourism destination in this nation – I have absolutely no doubt about that,” Mr Crissafulli said.

It’s understood the $10 million would come from the state government’s $74 million tourism fund, but Crissafulli – former shadow Tourism Minister – says it’s not too big an ask.

“I don’t think it’s an unreasonable ask at all and I applaud council for having this vision.

“As a state we have to continue to find new ways to reinvent ourselves and our tourism offering, and if we do that, that’s worth jobs, that’s worth money into the economy and that’s worth improving peoples lifestyles.

“Now’s the time to dream big, and bring new products to the market,” Mr Crissafulli said.

The state government is considering Council’s request.

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Finally politicians working together to better the amenities for our region.

I didn’t know the cable cart got the go ahead, there goes the beautiful hinterland
There is more than enough tourism destinations Everywhere around this planet why do we have to keep putting human kinds terrible mark on Mother Earth & putting our blemishes right in our rain forest’s & National Parks
Tom Tate you should be ashamed to be doing this, Nothing to be proud of!…..