NRL families quarantining on the Gold Coast told not to use balconies

The families of Sydney NRL players who are currently quarantining on the Gold Coast have been given their final warning after just two days.

Almost 500 people are locked up in hotel rooms in Surfers Paradise, quarantining for two weeks before being able to link up with the players in Queensland’s NRL hubs.

They arrived on Wednesday, but by Thursday, photographs already showed some families passing food between balconies – a clear breach of quarantine rules.


Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said on Thursday that she wouldn’t hesitate to send the families back to Sydney if it kept happening.

“I’m very very concerned about what is happening with these NRL players and you would have seen that imagery of that family hotel where they were sharing goods between verandahs.”

“If I have any more breaches. I am very concerned. It’s for all of them. This is too risky. We just cannot have people deliberately breaching the rules.”

Late last night (Friday), the families were told via phone that they’re now not allowed to use their balconies going forward, to try and eliminate the risk.

Anyone found to be breaching the rules may be forced home to Sydney.

The NRL says it won’t be taking against against those who were photographed passing food between balconies.

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