NRL investigating Tyrone Peachey racial abuse claims

The NRL has launched an urgent investigation after Gold Coast Titans star Tyrone Peachey was allegedly racially abused.

Peachey has accused Knights utility player Mitchell Barnett of calling him a highly offensive name in Friday night’s clash at C-Bus Stadium.

The 29-year-old is seen reacting after he was tackled by Barnett.


He informed referee Chris Sutton but declined to make a formal field complaint at the time.

But Peachey insists he knows what he heard and he has to take a stand.

“I need to be a role model to young Indigenous kids and for my two daughters and make sure they know it’s  not OK to let people say those remarks.

“I know exactly what I heard and that’s why I reacted the way I did.

“It can be put down to ignorance, heat of the competition or lack of education. Either way, I won’t stand for it.”

The club says it is now working with the NRL Integrity Unit as it investigates the incident.

“Our immediate focus is Tyrone Peachey as the impact of an event like this can have a toll on the individual. Tyrone has our absolute support,’’ CEO Steve Mitchell said.

“We’re extremely proud of our Indigenous heritage. The Titans have the highest number of Indigenous players in our top 30 roster of any club in the NRL. The contribution of Indigenous players to our Club both on and off the field cannot be understated.”

“We as a Club are committed to eliminating discrimination from our game, and do not stand for any sort of harassment, bullying and victimisation.”

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo says they will speak to all parties involved and get to the bottom of it.

“We are an inclusive sport and we pride ourselves on our diversity,” Abdo said.

“Player welfare is our absolute priority. We will do everything we can to make sure our players feel safe and supported. Any form of racism or vilification will not be tolerated in our game.”