NRL Nines a real Downer for fans

Forget the late-night dog-humping /cab queue jumping / disrespecting of police officers that happened last week – the stupidest thing the NRL did this week is let itself be coupled with infrastructure and engineering company Downer for the Auckland Nines.

Ok so it wasn’t this week, the deal went down last month.

It is only now, as the NRL really ramp up promotion of their flagship pre-season tournament, that everyone is really noticing what a ….downer… the whole deal has been.


And yes, I was channelling my best ‘austin powers’ voice when writing that last sentence.

But honestly! Who throws a shoe? (Ok ill stop that now)

Granted the NRL cannot take 100% of the blame for this one as it was as the Auckland Nines are organised by a third party (Duco Events).

Not sure that really helps if anything it means two supposedly intelligent companies intentionally selected a company to sponsor them whose very name can be translated colloquially to ‘wet blanket’.

In fact I’d almost have preferred the weekend to be called the Wet Blanket NRL Auckland Nines – at least that is slightly funny.

Not seven days since the tumult of Pearce-gate where the NRL hopped up on its high horse and gave sermon about the responsibilities of todays ‘intelligent footballer’, fans awake to the saturation coverage of the ‘Downer Nines’ – a two-day festival of football that sounds about as fun as a fart in an elevator.

Where is the corporate responsibility to not embarrass a fan base screaming for someone in charge to show some intelligence?

I personally spent the better part of last night being mocked by two AFL-loving friends of mine who heard what it was called and almost wet themselves with laughter.

To say nothing of the fact they took disabled connotations out of the word ‘downer’ and began mocking me with a similar voice Adam Sandler had in that ‘Disneyland’ scene in Bulletproof.

Insensitive and idiotic? Yes absolutely (they follow Collingwood so not much can be expected of them or their mullets) but my point is that no such connotation or connection would exist if the NRL had even the slightest clue.

Some may say ‘well they probably got paid a lot of money’.

By Joey I hope that is the case, but that does not excuse it. Plenty of companies would have paid. Some perhaps less than Downer.

Ask yourselves, what if it was the Premarin Vaginal Cream Nines? The Nibble Nobbys Nuts Nines?

Some may think im just being absurd now but why wouldn’t these be options if such companies were willing to pay the money?

In a sporting environment that holds image and brand so high (just ask Mitchell Pearce) why is it that im feeling that what I thought would be a really great weekend will be such a downer.


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