NRL players can train and play without flu vaccination

NRL players will still be allowed to play this season, even if they opt not to have the flu vaccination.

The ARL Commission was considering a ‘no jab no play’ rule, as part of strict health and safety measures.

Though a number of players said they would refuse the jab, including Gold Coast Titan Bryce Cartwright.


Three Canberra Raiders players were even told to stay away from training after they also refused the jab due to religious reasons.

It prompted a response from Prime Minister Scott Morrison, saying that those players should be sidelined for the season.

Though, after various meetings throughout the week, league bosses decided to allow players to train and play without the jab if they want.

Players who refuse it will now just have to sign a revised waiver form.

Though the decision has stirred up concern, particularly here in Queensland, with Doctor Jeanette Young telling the ABC that this was an agreed upon requirement for the season restart.

“One of the requirements that the NRL put to me as part of their plan for managing the risks, was that all their players would be vaccinated,” Dr Young said.


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