NSW cops busted singing ‘Frozen’ in adorable video

Two of our men in blue have been busted singing hit Frozen song ‘Love Is An Open Door’ and we couldn’t love it anymore.

In the footage sent to 9news.com.au, the two New South Wales policemen can be seen performing the duet, with one officer playing Anna, and the other Hans.

The men perfectly mime the hit song from Disney film Frozen, before breaking out into laughter at the end.


WATCH: Video courtesy of Nine News.

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Love it guys, love it. Sure made me smile.

I just love it – you go boys ❤️❤️

Awesome! This kinda coverage of police makes you feel more at home with them. Love it guys… you should become famous! x

Lol thanks for the smile.. Sad part is how well you know that song!!!!!! Lol

Omg. I love u guys. What great dads u must be. U do so much for us it’s good to see u take time out to have a laugh. x**xx

Friggin awesome

What a shame neither of them know how to do their job. If they spent more time being police officers than karaoke stars nsw would be a better place

Get off your high horse ! Their job is hard enough to handle and some light heart amus****t that perhaps took two minutes to brighten their day and take away some of their stress that comes with the job !
You go boys I love it and I know you would have felt better after you had a giggle at yourselves !

That’s awesome, you guys smashed it out of the park ??

That’s gold! You my friends are going to go viral.

That was awesome. Made me have a good chuckle. Even my 2 year old had a little giggle.

you guys nailed it, boys in blue made me smile.

oh please sooooo staged, they sent it in themselves

Great, love it! !!

That was awsome

Yeah, Human beings.
Great. 🙂

Love it!! Made me laugh.

nice one guys put a smile on my face

Cute!!!….surely made me smile and laugh. Good to find a good sense of humor from our good-looking policemen. We commend and honor our police officers . Keep up the good balanced work…..

Lol!! Love it!! Made me smile so big ?

Who cares if it was staged. Let the guys take 5 mins to de-stress and have a little fun. That certainly made me smile which was well timed as I’m currently watching the TV and the Paris tragedy

Put a smile on my face. Should be more of it.

Love your work boys!!