NSW family can’t possibly ‘pick one’ kid to visit terminally ill dad in Qld

A NSW family say it’s gut-wrenching, coming to terms with the fact they might not be able to see their terminally ill dad in Brisbane due to the Queensland border closures.

Brisbane man Mark Keanes’ four young kids are trying to get into the state to say goodbye to their dad, who may not make it to Christmas.

The Sydney family has applied for an exemption, only to be told that just one of the kids will be allowed into the state.


Mark’s dad Bruce has spoken to The Today Show this morning, saying it’s just too hard to make that decision, especially today.

“All you can say is it’s gut-wrenching. 

“It is especially hard for Mark today because his two middle kids, the twins, are 11 today. That makes it hard for him. Again, thinking of what today is.

“We’ve said none. Basically, we could not pick one over any of the others. It’s impossible.

“Everyone of them deserves it as much as anyone else. It’s easier to pick the adults, which adults to go and not to go but it wouldn’t be the children,” Bruce said.

Queensland Health has released a statement this morning, saying they’re looking into the case, and sympathise with the family.

“We understand and sympathise that this is a very difficult time and there are challenges.

“Queensland’s current border restrictions are in place for one purpose – to save lives,” the statement, published by Nine, reads.