NSW FIRES: Police hunting arsonists over deliberately lit blazes

Police are still trying to track down multiple people suspected of deliberately lighting fires across New South Wales.

Over 60 fires are still burning across New South Wales today, with exhausted crews working to contain at least 20 that are considered out of control.

One suspected arsonist was reportedly taken into custody last night, after he was spotted acting suspiciously by an army crew.


It’s understood they chased him through Sydney’s Royal National Park, though police are yet to confirm this report.

Following catastrophic conditions on Tuesday, fire fighters will take advantage of easing conditions today, before they’re expected to worsen again over the weekend.

Temperatures are tipped to soar over 30 degrees again in parts tomorrow, though the winds aren’t currently expected to strengthen.

There is still little to no rain on the forecast for the next few days.

Those with respiratory problems are being urged to stay indoors and keep medication nearby, with smoky conditions expected across the state again.

Presentations to emergency departments for breathing issues almost doubled in the past week alone.