NSW flags further easing of virus restrictions

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has signalled she will bring forward the easing of more restrictions as the State continues to flatten the coronavirus curve.

There were two new cases recorded in New South Wales overnight, both returned travellers.

The State still has 66 active cases of coronavirus.


Ms Berejiklian has welcomed the news, saying the continued good work means they will be able to reopen more sectors of the economy sooner.

“I will foreshadow that, given New South Wales is doing better than we’d expected at this stage, that we are looking to further ease restrictions and there will be announcements about that in the next little while,” Ms Berejiklian said.

The Premier says New South Wales has pushed the boundaries in terms of easing restrictions and will continue to do so based on expert health advice.

“We want to make sure that good work continues, but I want to let every industry know that our frame of mind is definitely one in which further restrictions will be announced, one in which, because we are doing well, we can continue to look at the further easing of restrictions.”

Ms Berejiklian wouldn’t speculate on what further restrictions would be eased, but has signalled that large gatherings like weddings would likely have to wait a bit longer.

“Let’s not forget, and I hate to remind people of this, because it wasn’t a happy occasion for those involved, but a lot of the breakouts that happened in New South Wales were at events like weddings, where people came together, they were close, one or two people were exposed to the virus and then that spread to the whole wedding party or other occasion, and we don’t want to see that continue.”

The Premier has also urged people to be patient.

“I’m confident that the way we’re approaching things in New South Wales will allow people to feel that little bit of hope and certainty about the future.

“And if we continue to do well, let me assure you, New South Wales will not be afraid, based on health advice, to move forward quickly.”

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