NSW Health Minister slams Qld’s ‘rubbish’ 48-hour linking request

The NSW Health Minister has again hit out at Queensland for their ‘rubbish’ request to have new community transmission cases linked within 48 hours.

NSW recorded eight new cases of community transmission yesterday, in two clusters within Sydney.

It’s thrown Queensland’s plan to reopen the border to the whole of New South Wales on November 1 in jeopardy, because the cases interrupt the required 28 day window of no local cases.


But, Queensland authorities said on Wednesday that if the new cases could be linked to existing clusters within 48 hours, they would not reset the clock.

Yesterday, the NSW Premier slammed Queensland for the out-of-the-blue rule, while today the Health Minister Brad Hazzard has told Sunrise it’s complete rubbish.

“I’m just disappointed that whilst there are some very good people working in Queensland to try and address the Covid issues.

“I just think the Premier (Qld) has only got one focus now, and that is the election on October 31, she keeps coming back to that date. ‘We’ll open up the day after that, well why? Where’s the logic in that?”

“Where’s the 48 hour thing that she announced yesterday, ‘you’ve got to get the tracing in 48 hours and tell us exactly’… She’s just plucking things and it’s actually not fair, it’s cruel to families,” Minister Hazzard said.

The 48 hour window comes to an end today, with the Queensland government expected to announce that the 28 day period will have to be reset.

It means the earliest the Qld/NSW border could reopen would be November 6, provided there were no community transmission cases until then.

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Qld government does not have the evidence, just a political stunt to keep those worried interested.

Stay in your own state and infect each other,c***roaches.

See fear works for some!

Here we go again, make up a target and say its based on medical criteria when its a political labour stunt ,causing harm to business, and to crown it all still not allowing a Queenslander to go home after cancer surgery, the Labour lot will do anything they can to keep in power,

Keep the border shut…rather have no visitors to QLD until its all clear…

That maybe ok for you but lots of Queenslanders have relatives interstate and have not been able to visit or vice versa.
If you think it will be clear anytime soon you need to look at history with other pandemics still going around.
Flu shot has been around for years and still no cure.
Get real please.

Oh for goodness sake. There are just as many QLD NZ’s desperate to visit sick or elderly family in NZ and vice versa. They can’t do that whilst there are idiots continuing to spread the virus by ignoring the rules. But I wish people would stop comparing this to flu. Flu is seasonal. Covid is not. There is treatment for flu. There is no current proven treatment for Covid. . Historically people died of flu due to lack of healtcare and medicine. Today we have better healthcare which is why more people worldwide have died of Covid in the first seven months than the full previous year for flu.. Covid derives from Sars which should be a major concern as they have not found a vaccine for that either. This virus and has the potential to continue to wipe out millions and the only known way to stop its spread is by isolating it. However, unless the entire world does this, that ain’t gonna happen so we have to pin out hopes on a vaccine. Meanwhile I would like to stay alive for a bit longer so happy for the borders to remain closed. Covid does not frighten me. Dying due to lack of common sense in others does.