“NSW isn’t Victoria. We are very different”: NSW Premier’s latest attack on Qld borders

The New South Wales Premier continues to heap pressure on Queensland to open its borders, despite waiting to open her own border to Victoria.

Gladys Berejiklian’s been accused of sounding a lot like the Queensland Premier, when she talks about keeping a Victorian border in place until the full effects of eased restrictions is known.

Karl Stefanovic made the accusation light-heartedly on The Today Show this morning, but NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was quick to defend herself.


What has been frustrating for me is people have lumped NSW and Victoria together for the last few months and that simply isn’t the case,” Ms Berejiklian told Today.

“NSW has managed to have a thriving economy, we’re getting jobs back. We’re allowing our citizen as much freedom as possible in a COVID-safe way.

“You can’t compare NSW to what Victoria’s been through that’s why the Queensland completely lacks ration, it doesn’t make sense. 

“There is no reason why the Queensland border is there. NSW isn’t Victoria. We are very different,” she said.

Queensland has maintained that New South Wales would need to go without an unlinked case of community transmission for two incubation periods, or 28 days, before the borders could fully reopen.

But when an unlinked case did pop up recently, Queensland officials were tight-lipped about whether or not that would affect the ’28 day clock’.

Instead, the Queensland government has promised that a decision on a potential November 1 reopening date will be made by Friday, the day before the state election.

The NSW Premier has again slammed her Queensland counterpart for playing politics with the borders, and for setting a completely unachievable time frame out of nowhere.

“We have now had about two weeks of no unknown sources of community transmission.

“Queensland set a bench mark I don’t think anywhere on the planet would be able to meet in the 28-day bench mark they gave us which I never heard of.

“They whipped it out of I don’t know where. NSW is in a very different position to Victoria and should be judged accordingly.

“All other States but WA recognised that. WA and Queensland frankly have election, so it’s cute for the Queensland Premier to say the day before her election, “I’ll tell you what we’re doing with the border.” 

Yesterday, New South Wales recorded two cases of locally acquired cases that were linked to a cluster.

Today, Victoria has recorded two new cases of the virus.