NSW police looking for owner of urn and ashes

New South Wales Police are searching for the owner of a cremation urn containing ashes which was left at a location 24km south west of Sydney’s CBD.

A man found a grey box that had washed up on the riverbank in Garrison Park, George’s Hall on Wednesday 22 June.

The man examined the item and realised it was a cremation urn with ashes inside.


The urn was handed over to police.

Image: NSWPF

Image: NSWPF

Inspector Nathan Marzol said officers had been unsuccessfully trying to locate the owner.

“We believe this type of urn is routinely given to family members after a cremation.

“Usually the contents are identified with a sticker on the outside of the urn.

“Due to the urn’s immersion in the river any identifying marks have been washed away and so we are appealing to the community for anyone with information about it to come forward,” Insp Marzol said.

Investigations are continuing and police are urging anyone with information to come forward.