NSW Premier caught out for failing to follow her own health guidelines

It’s been revealed the Premier of New South Wales ignored her state’s own health guidelines, by failing to isolate while waiting for COVID test results.

Gladys Berejiklian was tested for the virus last week, after losing her voice and feeling fatigued.

She was told by health officials it would only take around two hours to get the test results back.


But instead of isolating for that time, the Premier continued on with her busy schedule, potentially exposing a number of people to the virus had the test been positive.

Luckily, the test came back negative. But the Premier’s been heavily criticised for telling her own citizens they must isolate while waiting for test results, despite not doing the same herself.

She’s admitted in hindsight that it was wrong of her.

“The facts were, an ordinary person probably wouldn’t have needed the test at all, because I didn’t have any of the symptoms apart from being tired and losing my voice, and it hasn’t completely come back,” Premier Berejiklian told the ABC this morning.

“But there’s no symptoms whatsoever. So it was an abundance of caution that made me take the test.

“I knew when my voice was going that people were going to ask me if I was ok, and I wanted to be able to say to them that id had the test and I was negative.

“And perhaps in hindsight I should have closed my door and not seen anybody for that 90 minutes to two hours. But I didn’t,” the Premier said.