NSW Premier has ‘no intention’ of shifting border checkpoint

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has poured cold water on a Queensland’s plea to move border checkpoints south, even suggesting they should be moved in the other direction.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has begun a push to shift the checkpoint to the Tweed River at Banora Point to help ease congestion around Coolangatta and the Tweed.

The issue was first discussed back in March when Queensland first shut its border, but it was rejected at the time.


“I think in the spirit of cooperation, it would be good if the New South Wales government could now, now we’re in July, give due consideration,” Ms Palaszczuk said on Monday.

“It would make it much easier operationally, it would keep those two communities together and of course they will remain New South Wales residents.”

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Premier Berejiklian says she’s yet to receive anything from the Queensland government, other than a short text message this morning from Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“I’m unclear as to what the Queensland government’s asking us to do because they’ve not communicated that yet,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“I’ve heard through the media that I’m receiving a letter so I look forward to that letter.”

But the New South Wales leader has dashed hopes of putting aside cross-border rivalries, signalling she is not keen on the idea.

“Obviously we’re happy to engage, I’m happy to consider all options, except I do not believe at any stage that we should move the border, if anything the border should be moved north.

“There is zero infection in northern New South Wales at this stage and certainly we’ll do the right thing by residents on both sides of the border.

“But I have no intention of changing things as yet.”

Queensland has offered to continue manning the border checkpoints with the assistance of the ADF if New South Wales were to agree to the shift.

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If its temporary, move the border to ease congestion, its a no brainer. Stop dilly-dallying Berejiklian and Just Do It!

Yes, they said the same thing for the Berlin wall.

Ridiculous suggestion. Your problem; your making Annastacia. If this idiocy was implemented, I for instance as a Murwillumbah resident would have to put up with the border crossing hassle just to get to my local Tweed Heads hospital – even though it’s in NSW. Not on Annastacia…!!!!

Yeah, I would hate to upset all 20 people in Murbah, better to keep upsetting 100,000 in Tweed/Coolangatta instead.

Sounds like the NSW premier needs to pull her head out and do whats best for the people, not just for her clearly massive ego.

Yes, the CCP QLD Government should be able to everyone from travelling to go to work.

Pull your head out Darryl. That’s exactly what the NSW premier is doing…

If only people would adopt Spock logic. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few. The guy had it right.

I have been left without a permanent roof over my head since the initial outbreak with no likelihood of this changing for months to come. Am I whinging? NO. I just stick the whole scenario on my ….ck it list. (No point in having a bucket list at this point). Australia’s claim of unity, we are one, but we are many, seems to have gone out the window as nowadays more and more people are only thinking of themselves and not the larger picture.

Yes QLD Communist Government should be able to restrict Northern NSW anytime they wish.
What a load of BS. We are all sick and tired of this type of deflection. The border restrictions are put in place to show who has the power and who doesn’t. The restrictions only stop QLD workers trying to get home in the afternoon. I’m 1 of those workers that have to wait 2 hours after a long day try to earn a living and not receiving Government handouts.

Maybe we should just stop all non- Qlders from coming to QLD completely. NSW doesnt want to cooperate then say FU. This will definitely ease congestion. NSW plate sorry back u go. As they say there is a tweed hospital on NSW side so no need for the Southerners to come into our state. Make it a hard boarder. Stop the virus and stop the whinging!!!!

please stick Gladys in the traffic for 4 1/2 hours to get to work and see how quickly she changes her mind