NSW Premier hopeful of easing restrictions by the end of the week

The NSW Premier will receive advice as to whether restrictions can be eased further in New South Wales.

Gladys Berejiklian is set to be briefed by officials this morning, over the gathering restrictions in Greater Sydney and the mask wearing rule.

They’ve been in place for over a month, as a result of the outbreak in the Northern Beaches.


She’s told the ABC that a decision on easing them further will be made shortly.

“I’m hoping to make a announcement by the end of the week. We’re doing more. There’s more contagious strains of the virus coming into Australia.

“In New South Wales our policy always is don’t keep restrictions or burden our citizens a day longer than you need to.

“I hoping to have confirmation of advice that allows us to announce that later this week,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“I think perhaps people will looking forward to welcoming more people into their homes, and mask policy moving forward.

“There’s a number of areas looking forward. The hospitality sector also wants certainty moving forward,” she said.

It’s hoped that mask wearing may not be mandatory by the end of the week, but Ms Berejiklian says it may still have to be a rule in certain places.

“There could be some settings where we do think it should be an ongoing way of doing things, a way of living.

“In other settings we may ease off and say we recommend you do this, but you don’t have to.

“The important message on public transport and we’re encouraging people to go back to work in a COVID safe way.

“We do want people to catch public transport, where they’re going to work from and how they’re going to work.

“Because jobs and focusing on the economy is critical for us this year. I think people will feel safer if there’s masks on public transport,” Ms Berejiklian told the ABC.

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