NSW Premier “mortified” that Qld border could open to Victoria before Sydney

The New South Wales Premier has again slammed Queensland over its border closures, labelling it ‘cruel, unjustified and spiteful’.

Gladys Berejiklian has consistently singled out Queensland for its stance on borders, despite several states having similar restrictions in place.

Under Queensland’s restrictions, the Greater Sydney area is still considered a hot spot, meaning anyone who’s been there within the last two weeks won’t be allowed into the Sunshine State without quarantining.


Sydney is now the only area in the whole of Australia that is still recording cases of community transmission, with Victoria now going 12 days straight of no new cases or deaths.

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It comes as Queensland officials suggest a border reopening to Victoria may be likely before Christmas, if they continue their covid-free streak for 28 days.

That could mean that all of Australia is allowed to cross into Queensland, except for Greater Sydney, which has only gone three days with no new community transmission.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian told The Today Show that would just be cruel to Greater Sydney.

“I’m just mortified by that notion, I think it’s cruel, I think it’s unjustified and I think its spiteful. And there’s no health or scientific basis to it.

“NSW has demonstrated that you can manage the pandemic by keeping the community safe, but also by keeping people in jobs and keeping people mobile and relatively free in a Covid safe way.

“We’ve shown that you can strike that balance, and I worry about the citizens of Queensland as much as I worry about the citizens of New South Wales,” Premier Berejiklian said.

Sydney was on track to be allowed back into Queensland last month, until a number of new community transmission cases popped up.

Queensland Health said that if the cases could be linked to an existing cluster within 48 hours, they wouldn’t consider the infection a risk.

Ms Berejiklian says she still has no idea where that health advice has come from.

“Sometimes it takes weeks to get all the genomic sequencing matching right, so that’s what the health facts are, you can’t dispute that, that’s a reality,” Ms Berejiklian told Today.

“So why Queensland has given us that 48 deadline I don’t know, because it doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else. I’d like to know where they got that from,” she said.