NSW Premier says Qld won’t return her call about borders

The NSW Premier says her Queensland counterpart has not returned her calls to discuss border restrictions.

It comes as New South Wales announces it will reopen its border to Victoria on November 23, meaning Victorians will be allowed into New South Wales before Sydney-siders are allowed into Queensland.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says she has reached out to the Queensland Premier after the state election but it yet to hear back.


She’s told the ABC that she wants other states to reconsider their position on internal borders, now that Victoria has control of coronavirus.

“I can do what I can. I try. I’m someone who works with everybody. I like to bring people together.

“But when the other person or people are very, kind of, set in their ways, it’s very difficult to change their course.

“But I hope the announcement we made yesterday encourages both the WA Premier and the Queensland Premier to follow suit because the devastating impacts of job losses in March, April, May.

“Next year, I worry about the June quarter next year unless we take action now.

“Unless we accept that the buck stops with us as Australians. Yes, we’re all residents of a state but we have a national economy which we all have to support.

“If we don’t, the consequences for our citizens will be devastating, not just here in New South Wales but across everywhere. We’re doing well in New South Wales but we need to rely on other states to buy our product, to improve our gross state product and to keep our economy going.

“Other states rely on us for GST revenue. If our citizens don’t consume, they don’t get GST revenue. We’re all connected. And this is really the message I’m trying to get across to our colleagues,” Ms Berejiklian told the ABC.

Yesterday, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says a decision on borders will continue to be made at the end of each month.

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