NSW reaches 10 straight days with no local coronavirus cases

NSW appears to be dominating their fight against coronavirus, with the state recording another day of no new locally transmitted infections.

It’s the tenth day in a row of zero locally acquired cases, with the 28-day timeframe Queensland requires before it considers opening the border to Sydney-siders looking more promising by the day.

But NSW Health is continuing to contact people who have recently arrived on flights from South Australia, following the emergence of a COVID-19 cluster in Adelaide.


“Passengers on recent flights to both Sydney and Broken Hill are being provided with NSW Health advice and alerted to a number of venues of concern in Adelaide,” NSW Health said.

Authorities are screening passengers arriving on flights and buses from South Australia and asking people if they have attended any of the venues of concern.

“All people travelling from South Australia, particularly Adelaide, to NSW, including recent arrivals, are asked to monitor for even the mildest of symptoms and get tested and isolate if they appear,” NSW Health said.

“They must remain in isolation until a negative result is received, in line with routine advice for all people in NSW.”

Though there have been no new locally acquired cases in NSW for the past 10 days, health authorities have warned that in the past, cases have appeared following several days without new infections because of transmission among people with mild symptoms.

“If people don’t come forward for testing, outbreaks can easily be missed early on when they can be more readily controlled,” NSW Health said.

“Now is not the time to drop our guard. Everyone needs to continue to be alert to the ongoing risk of transmission of COVID-19, to keep practising physical distancing and good hand hygiene, and most importantly to get tested and isolate if they feel unwell.”

There have been four COVID-19 cases reported in overseas travellers in hotel quarantine.

In the past 24 hours, more than 8,588 people in NSW were swabbed for the virus.