NSW records 35 new cases but Premier says lockdown working

New South Wales has recorded 35 new local cases of COVID-19 with the Premier declaring they are seeing the “green shoots” of the lockdown working.

The new cases come after more than 56,000 tests in the 24 hours to 8pm Friday.

Of the new cases, 29 are linked to existing cases and are household contacts while six are still under investigation.


Nine of the new cases were believed to be out in the community while infectious.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says the increase in numbers was expected but is thankful there hasn’t been a bigger spike.

“While as predicted the number of cases is going up, we are seeing a greater proportion of those cases in isolation, which is exactly what we want to see,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“The green shoots of the lockdown doing what we hoped it would are certainly there. We have not seen a huge surge in cases and we certainly feel through our contact tracing that we are not at stage missing any chains of community transmission.”

Ms Berejiklian says while they believe the “tide is shifting”, it’s still too early to say if Greater Sydney’s lockdown will be lifted next Friday night.

The Premier is urging residents to stick it out for another week and is calling on people to avoid shopping centres and indoor venues.

“The next few days are critical. Let us not give up, but instead, keep respecting what the stay-at-home orders and the lockdown mean.

“I am so grateful that all of us have come together to do the right thing. If we did not, we would have seen those numbers go through the roof and we would have seen many more cases of exposure in the community and not in isolation.”

The number of new exposure sites continues to grow with more than 30 added to the list, including two Bunnings stores in Sydney.

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An alert has also been issued for residents in Sydney’s west and the lower Blue Mountains after fragments of COVID were detected at the Penrith Sewerage Treatment Plant.