NSW records 452 cases, one death as vaccination blitz begins

There’s still no indication that case numbers in New South Wales are reducing, with another 452 recorded overnight.

Only 129 of those are linked to known cases, while at least 50 of them were in the community during the whole infectious period.

A woman in her 70s has also passed away overnight, becoming the state’s 57th death in this death and 111th overall.


It’s understood 75 percent of the new infections are in people under the age of 40.

The only good news seems to be the vaccination rate, which authorities are keen to ramp up again over the next three weeks.

New South Wales continues to power ahead and can I thank everybody for coming forward and getting vaccinated,” Premier Gladys Berejiklian said in Tuesday morning’s press conference.

“We’ve hit the mark of 5.2 million jabs in New South Wales so we’re well on our way to 6 million jabs by the end of August.

“Can I thank everybody who has come forward? That is an outstanding effort. We now have nearly 52% of our population across the state with at least one jab and we’re really keen for everybody to look up their suburb, which is now publicly available, to see what the vaccination rate is in your suburb.

“We’re keen to make sure the vaccination rate is higher and remains high in western and south-western Sydney and that is why in the next three weeks we will have a vaccination blitz,” Ms Berejiklian said.

The plan is to have the 530,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, which is coming from the federal government’s deal with Poland, within the arms of people within two and a half weeks.

They will specifically be administered through clinics within the 12 local government areas of concern in Sydney.

“To do this obviously is a mammoth effort on behalf of our districts,” Susan Pearce, Deputy Secretary of New South Wales Health, said.

“Can I say thank you for the work that they’re doing? They have been working day and night to be able to announce this today.

“We are throwing absolutely everything we’ve got at getting those doses into arms over the next 2.5 weeks.

“The 12 LGAs, as you well know, it will cover people in that 16- to 39-year-old age group, a very important age group and we know there are several hundred thousand people in those age groups in those LGAs who are not yet vaccinated,” Ms Pearce said.

There are still mounting concerns for the regional areas of the state as well, with another 18 in the state’s far west.

While there are no new known infections in the state’s far north, authorities are still concerned there are infections going undetected in the community.

“We’ve also had sewerage detection in the last few days go off and test positive for fragments of the virus that causes COVID in Lennox Head sewerage treatment plant,” Dr Jeremy McAnulty said.

“Although we have no known cases there, we are concerned there may be undetected cases in the community.

“Please, please, come forward for testing if you’ve been in, or live in, Lennox Head, if you’ve got the mildest of symptoms.