NSW records 8 new cases after spike in testing numbers

New South Wales has recorded a whopping number of tests in the last 24 hours, identifying eight new coronavirus cases.

Of the eight, one of the cases is a return overseas traveller, who flew into Sydney via Brisbane.

The person flew on QF 537 from Brisbane to Sydney on May 12, which arrived in Sydney at 4.05pm.


Authorities are working on contact tracing, with those who were seated nearby now a potential risk.

Three of the other new cases were from a family group that was already in hotel quarantine. Another case was an elderly person who has a close family contact with coronavirus. And three cases are believed to be from community transmission, with investigations underway.

Premier Gladys Berejikilian is elated that testing numbers are so high, and hopes the daily number can stay above 10,000 people.

“Thank you to the 12,200, I can’t thank you personally but argue to those who came forward and got tested in the last 24 hours, outstanding.

“We want to keep that up every day, not just in the middle of the week but please also don’t hesitate to come forward if you have the mildest symptoms on the weekend.

“We often see a bit of a slump in the number of people who come forward on the weekend and that’s understandable but don’t be discouraged from coming forward in getting tested, the sooner you get tested and ruled out, the sooner you get tested and are negative, the sooner you can resume your normal life so it has a benefit to you as well as the broader community,” the Premier said.

It comes as the state begins step one of easing restrictions, with pubs, restaurants and cafes able to welcome back as many as ten people back from midnight.

The Premier hopes people don’t flout the new rules.

“The way we move forward now is up to us.

“If we all respect the restrictions, if we do good social distancing and appreciate even if we are waiting in a queue or catching up with friends or loved ones, we maintain that social distancing.

“It will be part of our lives until there is a vaccine or cure, we just have to accept that but we can appreciate our time staying at home in the main has made us all appreciate what matters most in this newfound freedom we will treat respect early to make sure we can get more in the future,” the Premier said.

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