NSW records 97 new COVID-19 cases, 29 infectious in community

NSW has recorded 97 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, with authorities admitting they are concerned about the emergence of unlinked cases.

Of today’s new cases, 63 are linked to a known case or cluster, while the source of infection for 34 cases remains under investigation.

Concerningly, the number of people still out and about in the community is continuing to rise, with 29 of today’s new cases infectious in the community.


While 17 others were in isolation for only part of their infectious period.

It brings the total number of people who have been diagnosed with the virus since the latest outbreak began in Sydney to 1,026.

“We have a number of cases under investigation and seeing the emergence of unlinked cases which is a matter for concern,” Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said.

“Clearly, the fact 29 cases were infectious for two or more days in the community is incredibly concerning.

“I can’t stress to the community my absolute concern that we need to work harder at reducing mobility and reduce our interactions with others if we will bring the situation under control and to see a decline in cases infectious in the community”.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian again warned that tomorrow’s numbers will likely be greater than today due to the high number of people who have been infectious in the community.

“That number of people being infectious in the community keeps going up, we really want to stress to everybody, please stay at home,” the Premier said.

She warned that the state would not be afraid to introduce tougher restrictions if people continue to flout the rules.

“If we need to go harder, of course we will,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“But we need to make sure that any measures that are put in place are going to hit the mark and are going to do the job we need them to do.

Please know, can I make this really strong message to the people of our state, we will not hesitate to take any decision we need to to make sure those numbers go down.

“And those settings are reviewed on an ongoing basis and the government will take action when we need to.”

There are currently 75 COVID-19 cases in hospital, with 18 people in intensive care, five of whom require ventilation.

The state hit a new daily testing record overnight, with more than 77,587 people coming forward to be swabbed in the past 24 hours.