NSW records another 170 cases ahead of a second planned protest

New South Wales has seen a slightly lower number of cases overnight, as authorities warn against people attending another planned protest tomorrow.

Another 170 cases were recorded overnight, with at least 40 of those being in the community while infectious.

It comes as authorities plead with the general public to stay away from another planned protest tomorrow.


Last week, at least 3,500 people turned out for a protest in Sydney’s CBD, which quickly turned violent and resulted in a number of fines.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says it’s just not worth it.

“Can I please warn against anybody taking up illegal activity and protesting tomorrow… your actions will hurt.

“Forget about the rest of us, but you could be taking the disease home and passing it on to your parents, your siblings, your brothers and sisters or anybody you might have limited contact with.

“Do not give those you love the most a death sentence.

“This Delta strain is contagious, it’s deadly and it’s affecting people of all ages but we also know New South Wales that alongside these restrictions, our biggest weapon against the virus is vaccination,” Ms Berejiklian said in this morning’s update.

Authorities are also scrambling to secure more doses of the Pfizer vaccine, trying to administer it to as many people as possible in the hopes of getting daily infection numbers back under control.

Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant says this is the way out of the harsh lockdown restrictions that are now crippling eight local government areas in the city’s west.

“Even one dose of the vaccine can reduce your risk of hospitalisation and death.

“We need to get those vaccines up and while the advice is for anyone over 18 to consider it, is the fact that we haven’t got levels of coverage or high enough levels of coverage in the elderly.

“Those elderly people are going to bear the brunt of COVID. For me, it’s a no-brainer.

“There are increasing access points per AstraZeneca in the community. Any person who’s got a loved one.

“I would pick up the phone, book them in with their consent of course, but make those arrangements and support them to get vaccinated,” Doctor Chant said.

187 people are now receiving treatment for COVID in hospital, 58 of those are in intensive care and 24 people are on ventilators.