NSW records biggest spike in COVID cases since latest outbreak

NSW has recorded another spike in COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, with 124 new local cases detected in the community.

It’s the highest daily total since the state’s latest outbreak began last month, and it doesn’t look to be easing any time soon.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has admitted cases are only expected to rise over the coming days due to the number of people who have been out in the community while infectious.


“There’s no doubt, again, that we anticipate case numbers will continue to go up before they start coming down and we need to brace ourselves for that,” the Premier said.

Of today’s new cases, 67 are linked to a known case or cluster, with the source of infection for 57 cases still under investigation.

Only 37 of today’s new cases were in isolation for their entire infectious period, with at least 70 cases out and about in the community for all or part of their infectious period.

The isolation status of 17 cases remains under investigation.

In some good news, a record 85,185 people came forward for testing in NSW in the past 24 hours, compared with the previous day’s total of 83,477.

There are currently 118 COVID-19 cases in hospital, with 28 people in intensive care, 14 of whom require ventilation.

The lockdown, which is currently in its fourth week, is due to end on July 30 but a question mark remains over that date.

There have now been 1,648 locally acquired cases recorded in NSW since the state’s latest outbreak began.

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Enough of the minorities whinging about being “locked down”.
Stop all those people moving around the State once and for all.
People are still out and about doing their best to spread the virus.
Lock down should be just that LOCK DOWN.

The minorities always got to play the victim card. Sprinkle in a dash of ignorance and selfishness.

That’s my girl…Gold Standard!

Just listen to people! Great advocates for the human race! Pushing for lockdowns and restrictions, what have we become. Humans are so far detached now from the world around us, hiding away from viruses etc. It’s such a narrow minded view to be only looking at the effects of the virus, and sure it’s not good to spread it about, or if you’re vulnerable it can be deadly, however, what about people’s financial health, mental health, physical health?!! The b***** picture, the countries financial state? ! Live with the virus like a lot of the world is beginning to do, get your vaccine and you’ve done your bit

Last edited 8 days ago by David

85 thousand tests and the radio says the testing centres are empty, do the math and you will see that it’s all malarkey