NSW records huge spike in COVID cases, Vic numbers up

New South Wales has had another massive surge in COVID-19 cases with its worst daily numbers in almost three months.

The state recorded 1360 new cases on Wednesday, up from the 804 reported on Tuesday and 536 on Monday.

There was also one further death in the state.


There are currently 166 people being treated for COVID in New South Wales hospitals with 24 people in ICU.

Wednesday’s case numbers are the highest since mid-September when the state was still at the height of its outbreak.

But the number of seriously ill people is significantly lower than it was then.

In mid-September, the state had more than 1200 people in hospital with more than 230 of those in ICU.

The surge in cases comes as restrictions ease again across New South Wales.

Unvaccinated people will be allowed to return to a host of venues despite the state falling short of the 95 per cent double dose target while mask rules and QR check-ins will also be wound back.

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Meantime, Victoria has also seen an increase in cases with 1405 new infections reported on Wednesday.

The state also recorded three further deaths.

More than 700 people have been forced into quarantine after a confirmed case of Omicron visited a popular Fitzroy bar and a bar in Collingwood on Friday night.