NSW teens arrested for breaching QLD virus restrictions

Two teenage girls from New South Wales have been arrested on the Sunshine Coast, accused of breaching coronavirus restrictions.

Police had been searching for the pair for the last 24 hours after receiving information they had recently been in a hotspot.

The pair arrived in Queensland prior to Saturday’s border closure, but had been in Sydney in the days before that.


The teens travelled from Sydney to Brisbane before making their way to the Sunshine Coast.

Police say they had lied about where they had come from.

The girls, aged 15 and 16, were arrested at a shopping centre in Noosa this afternoon.

“We believed they were on the Sunshine Coast through some other information that we had, as a result of that we started searching for them and through our normal networks within Policing circles we found them up in the Noosa area, Superintendent Craig Hawkins said.

“I stress that there is no information to suggest they are carriers of the disease, however in the interests of safety, and certainly because they have come from a hotspot, we were keen to ensure they have undertaken the right testing.”

Police are still determining exactly what to do with them.

“There’s a couple of ways we might deal with these young ladies and we’re working through that process now, but certainly quarantine is a likely outcome.”

Superintendent Hawkins wouldn’t confirm if they girls would be charged or be given a $4000 fine.