NSW to close off border with Victoria amid sharp rise in COVID-19 cases

The border between New South Wales and Victoria is set to close amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria.

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews confirmed the decision on Monday morning.

“From 11.59pm midnight tomorrow night, the border with New South Wales will be closed,” Mr Andrews said in a press conference.


“That is the result of a phone hook-up between the Prime Minister and the Premier of New South Wales and myself just an hour or so ago, where we have – all of us – agreed that the best thing to do is to close the border.

“That closure will be enforced on the New South Wales side, so as not to be a drain on resources that are very much focused on fighting the virus right now across our State.

“I apologise for any inconvenience that will cause people who have unavoidable travel to New South Wales. There will be a permit system and there will be further detailed arrangements will be announced by the Premier of New South Wales a bit later on today.

“There will be a facility for people who live on those border communities to be able to travel to and from for the purposes or work, the purposes of the essential health services they might need.”

Ms Berejiklian is also expected to front the media later today.

Mr Andrews also confirmed there are now 2,660 cases of coronavirus in Victoria, with 127 new cases detected in the last 24 hours.

“34 of those 127 are connected to known and contained-out breaks, 40 are the product of routine testing. 53 are under investigation by our public health team,” Mr Andrews said.

It means there are 645 active cases of COVID-19 in Victoria.

Sadly, Australia’s death toll from the virus has also risen to 104, with a man in his 90’s passing away in Victoria overnight.

“He was in the care of one of our hospitals,” Mr Andrews said.

“We send our condolence and our best wishes to his family and love ones. His friends, this will be a very difficult day for them and we send our sympathies to each and every person affected by that tragedy.”

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Maybe then QLD will remove the checkpoints, best new ever