NSW to let up to 50 people back at the pub next month

New South Wales has taken a massive leap forward in easing coronavirus restrictions, by allowing up to 50 patrons back at pubs, cafes and restaurants from next month.

It comes as another three cases of coronavirus were diagnosed in the state overnight, all three of which are still under investigation.

One new death was also reported.


But despite being the hardest hit Australian state by coronavirus, the government is working to ‘dance with the virus’ rather than try and eradicate it.

From June 1, pubs, cafes, restaurants, and the like, will be able to have up to 50 patrons.

However, Premier Gladys Berejiklian says there are strict rules in place.

“This will be with very strict guidelines in place. It has to be in adherence to the four-square-metre rule. So, some venues are small in space.

“They will only be able to have as many customers as is allowed in that space according to the four-square-metre rule.

“Nobody will be able to take bookings of more than 10 people. A maximum booking of 10 people. And also nobody will be able to be standing up in these venues.

“You have to be seated at a table, even if it’s a pub. You have to be seated at the table, you have to be served at the table.

“There is no mingling, no standing around,” Premier Berejiklian said.

It’s hoped the move will help boost the economy, which was also the hardest hit by job losses as a result of the coronavirus shutdown measures announced in March.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard has assured that the right guidelines will be in place.

“New South Wales has always led the way, and again New South Wales is leading the way. We will not let this virus beat New South Wales. But as we do open up, and as we do make sure that our economy will lead again this nation.

“I also want to make sure that all of us understand that this virus is still out there, it’s still lurking, and we still have to be careful.

“The way that we’re moving forward is in a cautious and sensible way. It has the maximum of 50 people in a cafe or restaurant, but a lesser number if the cafe or restaurant, defined by the four square metre rule, requires a lesser number.

“So, for example, if you had 80 square metres, you would have 20 people. That’s the basic lesson. Just do the basic maths.

I can assure people, assure all the citizens of New South Wales, it’s time to get out, time to enjoy yourself, but also it’s time to be very, very cautious, because the virus is still amongst us,” Minister Hazzard said.

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No half measures. Lift all restrictions, or stay closed.