NSW to reintroduce venue restrictions as pub cluster worsens

It looks like tougher restrictions on pubs and venues will be brought in for New South Wales today, after more cases of community transmission popped up.

21 cases have now been linked to the Crossroads pub in Casula, with a number of other venues now closed for deep cleaning while contact tracing is underway.

Ten of those people are believed to have become infected at the pub while 11 others are close contacts of those people.


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The government is now scrambling to get control of the outbreak, with fears it could escalate to Melbourne-sized proportions.

It’s understood tighter restrictions will be brought in for group bookings as early as today, with the size of the bookings to be scaled back from 20 to 10.

Meantime, every guest will be required to sign in instead of just one person per group.

And no matter the size of the venue, guests will be capped at 300 people.

There are warnings that that figure could be wound back further as well, with the government to keep a close eye on it.

Police Minister David Elliott hinted that the tightening of restrictions could be likely in a press conference yesterday.

“The NSW Government is very concerned about the outbreaks that we’ve seen.

“I’ve spoken to the Australian Hotels Association and Clubs NSW and made it very clear that we cannot afford to have these sort of slips when it comes to the restrictions in place in allowing our hospitality industry to begin the road to recovery.

“We may have to look about what restrictions may need to be reintroduced, which would be devastating for the hospitality industry,” Mr Elliott said.

An official announcement is expected as soon as today.

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Lock the gates in QLD again.
Restrictions and penalties are way to soft.
Most in NSW can even get a 50% discount on their fines so where is the incentive to do the right thing.

Fines are not working!
Really $5000 is not a lot if you have 6- 7 patrons come in and use their bonus welfare payments on the pokies.
Just order them to close the doors and remove any benefits afforded to them from the government.
The reality will then sink in..