NSW to relax travel restrictions next month

The New South Wales government has announced that all regional travel will be allowed in just two weeks time, as coronavirus restrictions continue to ease.

From June 1, there will be no travel restrictions within the state, and interstate travellers will also be welcomed for holidays.

It comes as the state records another four cases of coronavirus overnight, however all are from return overseas travellers.


Premier Gladys Berejiklian says it’s due to these very low case numbers that authorities are confident travel will be safe, as long as health and safety measures are in place.

“You can go on a holiday with your family and friends, but know the holiday you’re taking from 1 June will be different to a holiday you have taken before.

“Please take extra care in planning ahead, booking online, and making sure you keep away from large crowds, and protect your friends and your family as you are holidaying.

“We want people to enjoy themselves, to feel free, but nothing we do is the same during a pandemic.

“You need to book ahead, think about opportunities to enjoy the environment in a different way, but please make sure you’re safe.

“From that date, many of our cultural institutions, our art galleries, museums, libraries, will be able to open their doors. But again, they’ll have special qualifications.

“It may involve having a special time to allow the most vulnerable to use the facilities, it does mean booking ahead, but making sure you leave a record if you are visiting one of places, if something happens unexpectedly, if there’s a case, we can follow up quickly.

“We want people to enjoy the extra freedom, but it means you need to think ahead and plan ahead, and accept that nothing we did before the pandemic will be quite the same during the pandemic.

“So whilst it’s good news, please treat the good news with caution, be extra organised, plan ahead, book ahead, do things online, as far as possible, make sure that you are – you keep your family safe and those around you safe,” the Premier said.

The state is also prepared to welcome back interstate travellers, having a slight dig at Queenslanders who’ve decided to keep their borders shut for now.

“Of course, New South Wales is always open to welcome people from other states. We intend to keep our borders open. We think that’s best for New South Wales but also best for Australia.

“We’ll play our part as the largest state, traditionally the economic powerhouse of the nation, to make sure we engage as much economic activity as possible.

“We don’t want to see job numbers to crash as they did in April. We want people to be realistic, a COVID safe environment will look and feel very different,” the Premier said.

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