NSW, VIC record more than 26K COVID cases, 52 deaths

NSW has recorded 11,807 new COVID-19 cases from a shortened 20 hour reporting period.

NSW Health released its daily data on Wednesday, confirming the shortened reporting period was due to changes to the usual 24-hour cycle.

“This is due to a change in our daily reporting cut-off from 8pm to 4pm, which was implemented yesterday,” NSW Health said.


“From tomorrow Thursday 3 February, we will once again be reporting a full 24-hour cycle, from 4pm to 4pm”.

Of the new cases, 6,314 were from positive rapid antigen tests, while 5,493 were from PCR tests.

Sadly, the state has also recorded a further 27 deaths.

One person was aged in their 50s, three were in their 60s, three were in their 70s, 11 were in their 80s, eight were in their 90s, and one was aged 100.

Four people who died had received three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, 14 people had received two doses and nine people were not vaccinated.

One person who died was aged under 65. A woman in her 50s was not vaccinated and had significant underlying health conditions.

Meantime, Victoria today recorded a further 25 deaths.

The state also had 14,553 new COVID-19 cases, with 6,932 detected by rapid antigen tests and 7,621 by PCR test results.

In some good news, hospitalisations have fallen.

There are now 768 people being treated for the virus in hospitals across the state, down from 851 yesterday.