NSW woman suffered fatal blood clots after getting Covid vaccine

Federal health authorities are investigating the death of a woman who developed blood clots after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

The 48-year-old diabetic woman passed away in New South Wales on Wednesday, after receiving her jab last Friday.

She developed blood clots the day after receiving her jab and was promptly placed on dialysis.


Health officials are now trying to get more information as they investigate the death.

“As part of this process, the TGA is seeking further clinical information including clinical test results from the NSW health department.

“It has not yet been established whether there is any link between the Covid-19 vaccine and the tragic death,” the federal health department said.

Infectious disease expert Paul Griffin has told Sunrise that it’s not likely the vaccine caused her death at this stage.

We take any adverse events very seriously, and we investigate those to make sure they aren’t related to the vaccine and don’t represent a significant safety concern.

“The majority will not be related to the vaccine, because, given the numbers, we will see unfortunate events just by sheer coincidence after they’re vaccinated.

“A few things with this case there are quite atypical, with the Clotting syndrome with AstraZeneca it typically occurs between days four and 20.

“And my understanding is this occurred quite quickly after this person was potentially vaccinated, so at this stage, it seems less likely but of course an investigation will happen,” Doctor Griffin said.

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For decades, people got blood clots (DVT) from prolonged sitting or a variety of other reasons. My son developed thrombocytopenia (the other concern) from penicillin. Yes we are concerned, but its not a reason to refuse the vaccine, although the scaremongers will make the most of this.

You go ahead Deke, the world needs testers for this experimental gene therapy so great to hear you are willing to put yourself forward. Personally I don’t want to take the risk on this experimental therapy when it hasn’t been tested properly, is a method of vaccinating that has never been used before, gives me NO avenue for comeback or compensation if it destroys my health or my life AND even if successful, doesn’t stop me getting the virus or passing it on or exempt me from wearing a mask or lockdown. No I am not a scaremonger but I’m not an idiot who believes what the govt sanctioned doctors or the Gov’t itself are telling us like ‘it’s very safe’ with there being no possible way they could know that.

EVERYTHING has a risk. We always hear of the worst because it is such a rare occurrence.

Your clickbait headline writing is pathetic journalism and a dangerous precedent. Grow up. Do some research and learn to do your job.

How old is Dr Grtiffen? AND he still believes in coincidences?