Nursing home restrictions eased across QLD

Restrictions on aged care facilities in Queensland will be eased allowing residents to freely leave their nursing home and to have more visitors.

From today, aged care residents can have up to two visitors at any time, including children, with no limit on the number of visits per day or the length of those visits.

But visitors will have had to have a flu jab to enter the facility while social distancing must still be adhered to.


Residents will also be able to leave their facility to attend gatherings of up to 20 people, to exercise, attend appointments including hairdressers and beauty salons, attend a funeral or visit another aged care facility.

Service providers including hairdressers will also be allowed to return to aged care facilities.

“Now that we are in a safer position we can afford to ease some of these restrictions to allow residents to receive visits from more of their loved ones,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told State Parliament.

“I’m particularly happy that children are now allowed to visit their grandparents, I know how important this is for families across our State.”

The Premier says the restrictions on aged care facilities have been very personal with her own grandmother in a nursing home.

She says she completely understands how difficult and heartbreaking the restrictions have been.

“This has been very hard and stressful on my grandmother and I know its been very stressful on a lot of other elderly people who are in aged care homes.”

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