Staff ‘the real heroes’ of Gold Coast nursing home saga

The Federal Government is copping criticism that they should have known more about the nursing home issues at Earle Haven.

It comes after scores of elderly patients were forced out on the street on Thursday night, over what’s believed to have been a contract dispute.

Nursing staff are in danger of not being paid for their work, haven’t been paid their superannuation, and they’re threatened with losing their jobs.


Labor Senator Murray Watt told myGC this morning, the nurses are the real heroes in the whole situation, and have worked tirelessly over the last couple of days to take care of the residents.

“I think the staff of the nursing home are the real heroes.

“They’re the people who stayed well into the night, to make sure the residents were well looked after.

“Even though they were threatened with losing their jobs and haven’t been paid super and their wages for sometime.

“I don’t think you can really ask much more of the staff than what they did.

“It seems they didn’t really have any warning themselves, about the trouble that this centre was in.

“I think the responsibility really lies with the management and the owners of these operations, rather than the staff who have just done everything you could possibly ask for,” Senator Watt said.

While the Federal Government has promised a full investigation into what happened, Senator Watt says the staff, residents and the Gold Coast community need answers now.

“I’m really concerned that this seems to show the federal government was asleep at the wheel.

“We’ve got five LNP Gold Coast members of parliament, five members in the government.

“It’d be nice if just one of them was able to explain to people what went on here, what their own government knew, and what they did about it

“Because for all of us on the outside it doesn’t look like very much was done at all,” Senator Watt said.

The Royal Aged Care Commission is also expected to look into the incident, as it turns its focus to Queensland today.