NZ admits ‘a bit of work to be done’ before establishing trans-Tasman bubble

The New Zealand Prime Minister has confirmed she’s open to a travel bubble with Australia, but says the ball is very much in Australia’s court as to how and when it could happen.

There have been reports the highly anticipated trans-Tasman bubble could be up and running by Christmas, opening to Australia on a state by state basis.

It’s understood initial plans would only mean that New Zealanders could come here, while Australians would have to wait a little longer to go there.


NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has told The Today Show it will completely depend on our ability to contain outbreaks.

“What we’ll need to work through is what the definition of a hotspot really means.

“At what point will Australia say ‘OK that’s an area that we will put up a bit of a border around, and we won’t have travel to’.

“That will then determine whether or not in our minds that will be sufficient to keep everyone safe.

“So a bit of work to be done, and both sides will need to be comfortable with each other’s arrangements.

“But what you can see is that we do want to make it work, we do want it to be safe, we want everyone to be comfortable with it and know that we are safeguarding our own strategies while we do it.

“We would just need to be comfortable that if there is a flare up, that that could be contained.

“And so for us it’s about containment, in that we wouldn’t have people from that area who would then be travelling across the Tasman.

“We are working to maintain a Covid-free status so that when people are able to visit us, they’re able to move around the whole country,” Prime Minister Ardern said.