NZ cabinet to discuss gun law changes

New Zealand’s cabinet is expected to consider tighter gun laws today, following the devastating terror attack in Christchurch last week.

The country’s Prime Minister, Jacinta Ardern, said many options will be considered when parliament meets.

It’s believed a ban on private ownership of semi-automatic rifles will be at the forefront of considerations, as well as a government-funded buyback of newly outlawed guns.


The announcement of the potential law change has prompted an increase of gun purchases across the country.

Ms Ardern says this information will be investigated, but that the laws still need to change and she will not back down either way.

It came after the discovery that the terrorist involved in Friday’s tragedy possessed five guns.

It’s believed he obtained a licence in November 2017 allowing him to buy weapons, beginning from the following month.

New Zealand’s biggest gun show, set to be held in Auckland this weekend, has been cancelled out of respect for the victims of the attack.

At the time of writing, 34 people remain in hospital, 12 in a critical condition.

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