NZ company announces tomato sauce ice cream

Our neighbours across the ditch have made a bit of a weird announcement this morning… and we’re not sure what to think.

Popular tomato sauce brand ‘Wattie’s NZ’ has announced they’ve teamed up with ‘Tip Top Ice Cream’ to bring out a tomato sauce flavoured ice cream.

Just one second while we double swallow our breakfast…


The announcement has already created a fluster of responses on social media, with one high ranking comment recommending ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’.

Wattie’s NZ’s Facebook page has also updated their cover photo, to reflect their announcement, which suggest that it’s a ‘kiwi thing’ to pour tomato sauce on your ice cream.

So… we’re incredibly confused and reconsidering our close relationship with our neighbours, they’ve clearly gone mad, right?