NZ travel bubble still at least six months away

Bad news for anyone hoping to get across the ditch before Christmas, with officials shooting down the idea of a travel bubble with New Zealand.

The boss of Air New Zealand says at the very earliest a bubble could occur in March 2021, but it’s highly unlikely it would be any sooner.

It comes after earlier plans to have a travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand operating by September this year.


That was seriously put in doubt when the second wave rolled into Melbourne.

And again when new cases begun popping up in New Zealand.

Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran has told Newscorp it’ll at least be another six months before Aussies and Kiwis can go between without exemptions and quarantine periods.

“I certainly do not believe we will see anything across the Tasman this calendar year,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s hard to believe it would be before March next year and could well be longer.

“If it comes back quicker, we’re going to pop some champagne,” he said.