NZ travel bubble stops after three more infections pop up

The trans-Tasman travel bubble’s been halted once again, over another outbreak of coronavirus in New Zealand.

Three new infections have been recorded in Auckland, prompting a three-day lockdown over the ditch.

Any kiwis hoping to travel to Australi from today until Wednesday will have to spend two weeks in hotel quarantine.


The new infections all occurred within the same family, but none of them had recently arrived from overseas.

Authorities are still trying to work out if the new cases are linked to highly infectious strains.

New Zealand Minister Chris Hipkins says genomic testing is underway, and everyone’s working as fast as they can.

“Our system has swung into action, we’re gathering all the facts as quickly as we can, and the system that has served us so well in the past is gearing up to do that again,” he said yesterday.

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