Of Comeuppance and Micro Machines

WHEN I was a young boy of 10 I was shopping with my Nan at the child-mecca that was the Old Pacific Fair.

As we walked out of a toy shop Nan discovered a box of Micro Machines that I had simply taken off the shelf.

I had stolen them.


I was only young, but I knew exactly what I was doing. It was simple child logic – I wanted them, I knew I wouldn’t get them the honest, conventional way and so I simply took them, consequences be damned.

Needless to say, Nan was horrified and furious.

She took (dragged) me back to the shop where I had to unceremoniously explain to the owner what I had done.

When we arrived home and mum found out, she emptied my entire box of toy cars into a smaller box, duct taped it up and ‘gave it to boys who deserved them’.

Still present, Nan chimed in with a parental alley-oop, “Naughty little boys who cheat and lie get exactly what they deserve, which is nothing’.

Thankfully my kleptomania ended there and then, but Nan’s warning had a lasting effect on me.

The older I got, the more those words, and the theory behind them, gave me comfort.

I enjoyed living in a world where people who sought to abuse, take advantage, lie or cheat were all dealt with accordingly.

I never dwelt too much on what celestial power was distributing said comeuppance, I just went about my life happy in the knowledge that someone, somewhere was seeing to such tasks.

Fast forward to the present day and it is nice to see that the all-seeing, all knowing distributor of deservedness is still around.

Presently his (or perhaps her) attentions are turned on a certain Prime Minister who has been, to borrow shamelessly from a famous Monty Python line, a very naughty boy.

As the media pack begin their feeding frenzy of heresay and conjecture over the LNP leadership, Mr Abbott must be left wondering not so much what he did wrong, but exactly where he made the mistake of highlighting his wrongdoings.

The Australian people will (sadly) put altruism and future prosperity on hold in favour of immediate economic security and a tax break or two but even the most diehard Liberal hates being lied too.

You cannot fib your way through a national election campaign in one of the world’s most educated countries and expect that, once your promises begin to break, we will not be angry.

You stole our trust Mr Abbott. Time to get the duct tape out.

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