Olympic hurdler Sally Pearson announces retirement

Olympic Hurdler Sally Pearson has announced her retirement on national television this morning.

Sitting down with Sunrise this morning, Pearson says she’s battled too many injuries over the past 18 months to continue.

She says it was an incredibly hard decision to make, but that it’s time to listen to her body.


“Unfortunately, I’m here to announce my retirement from athletics.

“I’m going to hang up my spikes.

“It’s been 16 years on the Australian team, and my body’s just not up to it,” Pearson told Sunrise.

Pearson says she’ll miss the Tokyo Olympics, but her body simply won’t make it through the training.

“When you count six injuries this year that no one knows about… and another whole year to go of training for the Olympics to try and win gold.

“I have major doubts that my body will make it, and i don’t know if i want to put myself through that again.

“2018 was horrible, with my Achilles, not being able to run my home town comm games was devastating, and i just don’t think that’s fair to do that to myself, and my body as well,” Pearson said.

She says she’s been on a roller coaster of emotions while making the decision, and wanted to tell Australia first.

“Because this is a huge announcement, and its really important to me to get it right.

“This is Australia’s results as well, I wanted to be the best champion I could be, for Australia to be proud of me, and so I wanted to give this to them,” Pearson said.

She’s looking forward to the future though, and hopes to inspire the next generation of athletes.

She’ll also be spending time renovating her new home on the Gold Coast.