OMG… This Kmart shopper’s $7.50 Christmas hack is genius!

The 1st of December is just around corner, which means Michael Buble is defrosting as we speak.

It also means we’re just four days away from being able to put up all of our Christmas decorations without being judged by the ‘grinches’ and let me tell you, I’ve been counting down until this day for weeks now.

One Aussie mum has gotten a head start on her Christmas decorations this year and has come up with a genius hack involving a $7.50 gym ball sold at Kmart.


Taking to the Kmart Hacks & Décor Facebook page, Amy shared how she managed to turn the gym ball into a giant Christmas bauble for outside her home and people are freaking out.

“I’ve spent the last 3 weeks working on these super-sized outside baubles but they are finally finished!” Amy wrote.

“Pretty much everything from Kmart!! 3 gym balls, monochrome rope and acrylic paint (they are coated with a waterproof clear gloss) and a S***LOAD of patience.”

“The gold tops are metal bowls that i have liquid nails on, I used superglue for the rope and I have attached a funnel (like petrol funnel to the bottom so they can’t blow around in the wind.”

PHOTO: Facebook

The Christmas hack has since gone viral on social media, with hundreds of people praising Amy for her ingenious idea.

“Now this tops ALL the Kmart hacks I’ve seen. Bloody brilliant. Love love love these,” one person wrote.

“Best Xmas hack by far. That is clearly thinking outside the box. Super impressed,” commented another.