On a lighter note

WANT to see someone get slapped down after getting a bit above themselves?

I mean, who doesn’t, right?

Broadwater LNP MP Verity Barton takes her role as a deputy speaker in the Queensland Parliament very seriously.


But the former Myer ‘retail consultant’ bit off more than she could chew when reprimanding veteran Nationals/LNP MP Vaughan Johnson.

VJ, who was in Parliament before she had even started school, was speaking on new stock laws.

Barton: It was brought to my attention that you may have cussed during your contribution.

VJ: What did I do … that is just how I talk all the time … did I offend you, Madam Deputy Speaker?

Barton: No. You used a term that may be considered unparliamentary, and I would ask that you withdraw.

VJ: Well, whatever you find was wrong. Do you want me to withdraw the whole lot and start again?

Barton: Just simply withdraw.

VJ: Whatever you find offensive, Madam Deputy Speaker, I apologise if I have upset you.

But I also could find no cuss words, just VJ being a colourful Aussie:

“One of the areas of major concern to me at the moment is that some of these lame-brained idiots who eat and drink green all day are trying to stop the branding of cattle in this industry.”

“People out there will think, ‘I’ll get the best out of this cow. That cow there is a dry cow. That one there is a wet cow.’ Like bloody hell! When it comes to big rain, 99 per cent of them will be wet cows because they will be in calf.”

“We had police officers out there that were tailing those sheep around for about 12 or 18 months. Not only were they tailing those sheep around, but they were also tailing our sheilas around. Us local blokes couldn’t even get in there, but the coppers came in and cut us all out!’

Maybe Barton drinks green tea.

Nanango MP Deb Frecklington was more appreciative of VJ’s long experience.

“It gives me great pleasure to stand in this House and follow the wonderful member for Gregory and his eloquent speech,” she said defiantly, after Barton’s perplexing outburst.

Perhaps a sign of growing tension between the Ls and the Ns in the LNP?



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