One Aussie could make Lotto history if they win tonight’s $150M jackpot

Queues have already begun forming outside newsagents across the country as Aussies vie for their chance to take home tonight’s record-breaking $150 million Powerball jackpot.

Thousands of entries a minute are expected to be purchased in lottery outlets and online today, as players scramble to get a ticket before the draw closes at 7.30pm tonight.

As it’s the biggest prize ever offered in Aussie lotto history, the Lott spokesperson Lauren Cooney said up to half of Australian adults were expected to have their hands on an entry.


“Ever since the Powerball jackpot soared to $150 million after last week’s jackpot prize eluded players, Aussies have wasted no time securing their chance to become the country’s biggest individual lottery winner,” she said.

“We know many of our retailers have put on extra staff and are opening longer hours simply to accommodate the demand we’re seeing for this draw. There have already been lines out the doors of some outlets and these are only going to grow as the clock ticks towards the draw close.

“We’re also seeing this excitement mirrored online, where we expect ticket sales to continue to climb right up until the deadline.

Interestingly, Ms Cooney revealed the time players were most likely to buy a ticket today.

“Last Thursday we saw sales in store and online peak at 4:59pm when more than five thousand tickets were sold in 60 seconds. We expect it to be even busier this afternoon,” she said.

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You have until 7.30pm tonight to buy a ticket into the $150 million Powerball draw.

Good Luck!