One dead in highway smash

ONE person has been killed and another injured in a horror crash west of Brisbane.

It happened on the Brisbane Valley Highway, between Ipswich and Ferndale, just before 5.30pm.

Early reports suggest a motorcycle collided with two cars near Wanora Road.


Queensland Ambulance said paramedics assessed the motorcycle rider for critical injuries.

Sadly, however, the motorcyclist, believed to be a man, could not be saved and died at the scene.

A person who was trapped in one of the cars has been taken to Ipswich Hospital in a stable condition.

Police have closed the highway in both directions while the scene of the crash is examined.

Motorists are being urged to avoid the area where possible.

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I have heard an accusation that the bike rider was going very fast. I have also heard news reports suggesting speed may have been a factor. I want his family to know that I do not think this was the case.There was very thick fog in the area. Because of this, headlights appeared far away, when they were in fact quite close. I was about 500 meters away at the time of the first impact. There was a clearing in the fog where I was. I saw the bikes headlight on full beam making a big halo in the fog, which probably would not have been that visible to someone in the heavy fog. I was expecting the light to come around the corner when the Ute pulled out. I was not up close at the time, but did not think the headlight was going exceedingly fast. I guess we wait on the forensic examination. My heart goes out to the family of this man and also to the Ute driver who was also very shaken and clearly upset. It is a very terrible tragedy that happened in thick fog on a very dark morning.
Thanks to all the emergency services for doing the best they could. They really tried hard.
My thoughts and prayers continue for all those impacted by this awful accident.

I am a close cousin of this motorcyclist. Thank you so much for your thoughts and information. I am also feeling very sure that speed would not be a factor in this most tragic accident. Knowing my cousin as I do, he always took great care in regard to safety, so the likelihood of him speeding, especially in fog, would be highly unlikely. We (his family) are completely heartbroken and shattered at his loss. Personally, this is something that I don’t know if I will ever be able to come to terms with. Life without my cousin will never be the same. Trying to understand how this could have happened is one of the hardest things too. Your input here has helped me to find a way to understand this more clearly. Once again, thank you. If you have anything else to add, that you may want to share confidentially, please let me know.